QUFARO @ Bletchley Park Launch Coverage

On 24th November, QUFARO was featured in nearly 300 articles and broadcast pieces across National and International TV & Radio, Regional and Trade titles. The majority of the UK’s national press also covered the launch, with some of the best features in the … Continued

Cybersecurity with QUFARO @ Bletchley Park

Historic WWII codebreaking site Bletchley Park will once again play an active role in national cybersecurity efforts under plans for it to house some of the UK’s most important new cybersecurity education and innovation projects. The plans were announced today … Continued

Winmark Round Table – 14 May – London

I have been invited to speak at a Winmark Network round table for professional services firms to discuss cyber security and related matters.  After the event, I will update this page with some details of what happened. For more details … Continued

On Privacy in Cyberspace

Is it a contradiction in terms to be an advocate of social media and yet be concerned about privacy?  I am.  And not just because I work in the world of information security.  I am also a citizen and a … Continued

You’ve been hacked… now what?

Over the past dozen years or so, I have been involved in a number of investigations of information security breaches; some more serious than others.  I claim no particular uniqueness in this, there are many professionals who have far more … Continued