Standing for Election as a Non-Executive Director of Nominet

I am standing for election because my brother-in-law Lucien Taylor is not available to stand this year.  I believe that there should be a contested election.  If a more qualified candidate steps forward, I will stand down.

There are judicial findings that serving board members prepared misleading statements for their members.  Nominet recently dropped a defamation case against another member, Graeme Wingate.  The video Graeme made featured the CEO, on oath, admitting to making suggested editorial amendments to an independent review, which affected her pay and reward. The CEO also admitted on oath to calling in the government to help Nominet with its internal boardroom struggles in 2008.  These facts have consistently been denied by the company in its public statements even as recently as 2012.

The membership has lost faith and trust in the board.  Until the board recognises that, and works in good faith to overcome it, it will continue to alienate the membership.  The members offer the only constraint on the directors’ actions.  Yet the directors are increasingly detached and dismissive of this membership and the biggest members appear to be in cahoots with the board.  The board’s refusal to take appropriate action after damning judicial findings shows a degree of arrogance and complacency which threatens to wreck the company’s reputation.

I attended the 9th September consultation meeting at the Sofitel, and was outraged by the treatment of two Nominet members who were physically removed from the meeting.  They were told the meeting was full.  It was not.  The only voices in favour of the proposal came from Nominet.  I note that the board pressed ahead with the .uk proposals despite the majority of responses to the consultation advising against.  This shows that the board are able to operate without any checks and balances.  I fear that Nominet has lost touch with its original purpose and is now thinking that “growth” should be its mantra.  I disagree.

Members who are registrars are now beginning to understand the reality of the new registrar accreditation regime, and the power that it gives Nominet to poke its nose into their business.  I support the raising of standards, but Nominet is not the right organisation to do this, as it is itself an ICANN accredited registrar, in competition with its own members.

So I am standing as a protest candidate, with no realistic hope of being elected; I fully expect Nominet to galvanise its “top 10” as it did last year to ensure their favoured candidates get elected.  If you don’t want to see this happening again, I am standing as a way for your voice to be heard.  If, by some miracle, I do get elected, I have the skills, experience, knowledge and determination to act on the Board on the members’ behalf and drive through the changes that this company desperately needs.  Please take a moment to look at my CV and LinkedIn page to see what I mean.

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